We carry quality products for low prices, all our linens are laundered and pressed after every use



 ***Make sure to check our promotions tab for current pricing***

Do-it-yourself Rentals

         Full size polyester chair cover $2.00/each (white, black, ivory)     

         Scuba/Spandex chair cover                    $2.50/each (white, black, ivory)   

         Satin self-tie                              $3.00/each (white, black, ivory, chocolate brown)

        Satin self-tie                              $3.50/each (gold, royal blue, eggplant, pewter)

        Satin self-tie                             $4.25/each (custom color over 200 colors)

        Satin pin stripe                        $2.25/each (white)

        Satin or organza sashes         $1.00/each (over 80 colors)  $1.25/each (custom colors over 200 colors)

        Rhinestone Wrap                     $0.75/each

**Delivery charge within calgary city limits $50.00

Full Service Price Rentals

(Includes delivery, set up, take down) **

        Full size polyester chair cover $3.00/each (white, black, ivory)         

         Spandex chair cover                $3.25/each (white, black)   

         Satin self-tie                              $3.75/each (white, black, ivory, chocolate brown)

        Satin self-tie                              $4.25/each (gold, royal blue, eggplant, pewter)

        Satin self-tie                              $5.00/each (custom color over 200 colors)

        Satin pin stripe                        $3.00/each (white)

        Satin or organza sashes           $1.25/each  (over 80 colors) $1.50/each (custom color over 200 colors)

          Rhinestone Wrap/brooch       $1.00/each

**Out of town set ups travel expense extra

**Full service includes next morning tear down, if you require same night tear down there will be an extra $75.00 charge


           17" Polyester (white, Ivory, black) $0.55/each

           17" Polyester  - custom color $0.70/each

           17" Satin - any color $0.90/each


        120” Polyester Round $8.00                                      120" Satin Round $18.00

       90"X132" Polyester Rectangular $8.00                 90X 132" Satin Rectangular $18.00

        90" Polyester Round  $6.00                                      90" Satin Round $16.00

      - We also have any of the overlays/runners options as full length table cloths please ask us for pricing 

Table Skirting - Ask us about custom colors 

           17' Black with clips $15.00 regular pleated

           14' White with clips $15.00 regular pleated

           17'-21' table skirting with clips $15.00 - Pick up Skirting

          17'-21' table skirting with clips $35.00 - Rosette Skirting 

          17'-21' table skirting with clips $35.00 - Curly Skirting 

Overlays & Runners


        Satin/Organza Runners 12"x 108"  $3.50

        Damask/Pin Tuck Runners 14"x105" $4.50

        Lace Runners 14"x108" $8.00

        Rosette Runners 14"x108" $8.00

        Burlap Runners 14"x108" $5.00

        Sequin Runners 14"x108"  $8.00


        Satin/Organza Overlays 72"x72" $8.50

       Damask/Pin Tuck Overlays 75"x75" $10.00

       Lace Overlays 72"x 72" $13.00 

       Rosette Overlays 14"x108" $20.00

       Sequin Runners 14"x108"  $20.00


*Deposit required to secure your date

*Prices are subject to change